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Mobile Phone Screen 3D Magnifier Screen

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    Mobile Phone Screen 3D Magnifier Screen Enlarge 3-4 Times High Definition Amplifier Foldable AS99


    1. Pull-out type, easy to carry out
    2. Silicone baffle, mobile phone anti-skid design

    1. First, high-definition optical technology can magnify the picture in the mobile phone by 3 times, the picture is clear and vivid, and the dynamic feeling is stronger.
    2. Second, the product shape is simple, generous, lightweight, small size, and easy to carry around, suitable for use on various occasions – indoor, camping, on the road, leisure, etc.
    3. Third, the use of high-definition amplification optical technology, no power drive, no cost of use, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
    4. Fourth, the product structure uses a lot of innovative technology, simple, tight, can be used for all types of mobile phones.
    5. Fifth, especially watching 3D mobile movies, the stereo effect is stronger! It can also be used as traditional magnifying glass. Because of its large enlarged area, it is more suitable for middle-aged and old people to read books, read newspapers, and watch news online.
    Material: ABS+Finnel lens
    Size: 12 inches/260*174*9mm
    Color: black, white, red

    Weight: 0.34KG


    1 x Screen Magnifier

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